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Growth Driven Digital – Ep. 1

Growth Driven Digital Podcast – Episode 1 : Designing Consulting Arrangements With Upside & Making Small Bets to Win Big with Andy Michaels Summary: In this first episode we talk with Andy Michaels, VP of Marketing at Blue Chip Athletic about unique role as a Technical CMO, and how they approach experimentation with marketing. Links:… Read more »

Optimize Your Conversion Rate Throughout the Customer Lifecycle


So you’re ready to start optimizing your conversion rate. Where do you start? If you are already thinking about how to get those visitors on your website to make a purchase, then you are skipping over some important steps along the way. Optimizing your conversion rate is not as simple as comparing the number of website visits to… Read more »

10 Best Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Online Shopping

Want to convert more customers online?  Of course, who doesn’t? Do you know what your eCommerce Conversion Rate is? Unfortunately, many e-commerce sites aspiring to drive sales growth don’t know where to begin.  They often desperately reach for more traffic as the solution. Even worse is an impulsive site redesign without a thorough understanding of why… Read more »

Lead vs Conversion: Why the Difference Matters.

online consumer

Lead generation is the primary goal of an inbound marketing strategy; however, it takes more than just leads to grow a successful business. An effective marketing strategy focuses on targeted leads to optimize the conversion rate. The more targeted the prospects, the more efficient use of marketing dollars. While marketing to a specific demographic can… Read more »

5 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Conversion Rate

Mobile Purchase

Mobile commerce transactions are quickly catching up to desktop, states the latest Q4 2015 Mobile Commerce Report released by Criteo. More importantly, 4 out of 10 purchases occur across multiple devices or channels, with 1/3 of those purchases being completed on mobile. 37% of desktop transactions occurred after the shopper visited the retailer on at… Read more »

How Should Agencies Price Marketing Optimization Services


Let’s get real. Agency pricing is hard. How should an agency price conversion optimization services? If you’re running a company that does anything that even remotely touches optimization then you probably know what I’m talking about. As our service offerings began to evolve we decided to get serious about solving the pricing conundrum. Our goal… Read more »