10 Best Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Conversion Rate

Online Shopping

Want to convert more customers online?  Of course, who doesn’t? Do you know what your eCommerce Conversion Rate is? Unfortunately, many e-commerce sites aspiring to drive sales growth don’t know where to begin.  They often desperately reach for more traffic as the solution. Even worse is an impulsive site redesign without a thorough understanding of why the current design isn’t working.  

While driving more traffic to or redesigning your site may eventually be the right place to invest, it’s not the right place to start.  There are a number of places to look first, starting with a focus on your conversion funnel.  This ensures you’ll get the full benefit of the traffic growth you eventually invest in.  

There is a wide range of conversion optimization techniques—from quick and easy steps you can implement tomorrow—to more complex projects which may take several months.  

Here are 10 quick wins you can implement this month to improve your eCommerce conversion rate:


  1. Monitor your Site Availability.  If you don’t have a tool for this already, there are free versions for limited-time availability checks. Evaluate them and find a permanent solution.
  2. Check your Page Load Times.  Identify any page requests contributing to slow performance. Prioritize the list and start chipping away one by one. Understand that customers have more patience for page load at different steps in the funnel. For performance issues across the site, consider using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and file compression when loading content.
  3. Make your Call-to-Action (CTA) Pop! Use placement, size, and color to make them stand out so there’s no doubt how the customer should proceed.  
  4. Review your Content and Copy – Is it all necessary? Could it be said in fewer words? Perhaps. But remember removing content isn’t always the right answer. Balance content and content quality with the impact it has on page load and experience.  
  5. Be a Copycat.  You might have to swallow a bit of pride, but if a site is killing it with online success, then by all means…copy them. 
  6. Make Testing a Routine.  Build a test matrix of device types (smart phone, tablet, desktop) and browser.  Test your site on a regular basis mixing up the these combinations.  You probably won’t have time to cover every scenario with each test.   
  7. Provide Context on Checkout Time or Steps. Set your customer’s expectations on how long this will take them. For example: “Step 1 of 4” or “Approximately 4 minutes”.
  8. Run A/B, Multivariate, and Multi-page Tests.  Testing is HUGE. It could simply be the form or your CTA that needs to be tweaked. Tools such as Optimizely make it easy to test and analyze variations of site experience.
  9. Capitalize on Mobile.  Mobile is not a limited screen. There’s more context and convenience available for the mobile shopper than any other device, and often mobile shoppers are more intentional.  Leverage location, camera, authentication techniques and more to optimize your smart phone and tablet shoppers.
  10. Hire a Team of Experts!  Sometimes it’s knowing what to do, sometimes it’s knowing how to do it, and sometimes it’s both.  If you want to improve your eCommerce conversion rate through online channels, do it right.  Of course, our team at Measure Media would love to help you out (yes, shameless plug).