5 Ways to Boost Your Mobile Conversion Rate

Mobile Purchase

Mobile commerce transactions are quickly catching up to desktop, states the latest Q4 2015 Mobile Commerce Report released by Criteo. More importantly, 4 out of 10 purchases occur across multiple devices or channels, with 1/3 of those purchases being completed on mobile.

37% of desktop transactions occurred after the shopper visited the retailer on at least one other device or browser before purchasing. And, over half of shoppers who browsed on multiple devices before purchasing ended up making the purchase on mobile.

There are a lot more interesting stats to review in the report, but what is this boiling down to? YOUR MOBILE SITE MUST BE OPTIMIZED TO CONVERT!

For whatever reason, many retailers focus exclusively on their desktop website, and forget the growing importance of having a slick user experience for mobile. Well my friend, the time has come to change that, because those retailers who are knocking the mobile shopping experience out of the park are seeing results…on their bottom line. You should join that party, don’t you think?

So, let’s discuss 5 ways to optimize your mobile shopping experience NOW:

1. Simplify It

No matter what phone a person is using, that screen is small y’all, and most mobile shoppers are looking for specific things. Help them find them! Optimize the mobile site to focus primarily on your products/services and create clearly visible calls to action. Who wants to scroll forever to get to one click, only to have to scroll again for the next? Remove the barriers and create a scaled-down mobile version of your normal website with less fluff and pretty flowers, but still chock it full of the information those shoppers want.

2. Collect Info

People respond on mobile. It’s right there in front of them. Create offers specific to these mobile window shoppers and get the information you need to reign them back in should they leave before making a purchase. Offer them a time-sensitive coupon or ask them to follow you on social media. Focus on the experience and get them to take action.

3. Create a Visual

People want to SEE IT and FEEL IT as much as possible. Ensure that any product photos are media rich with optimized rendering for mobile. This means that the same product shot on your website may not work for mobile without being cropped to fit the scale of mobile. If I want to see the detail on that fabulous shoe then I do not want to scroll a million times just to zoom in. The more angles and various shots you can offer of your product, as well as zoomability of those items, is huge.

4. Offer Apple Pay or Android Pay, or PayPal

Do you like punching in credit card numbers and billing information into those tiny little rectangles on a mobile browser? Um, no. Your customers don’t either. And there is nothing more frustrating lying in bed shopping (don’t judge) to find the website expects me to get up, walk downstairs, and find my wallet. Really? I am not getting out of bed. So now it’s up to my state of mind the next day to actually make the purchase. Maybe I am over those shoes by then….just sayin’….

5. Host a Progressive Dinner

Have you ever attended one of those dinners where you go to one person’s house for appetizers, another for dinner and then finally, the last stop that everyone has been waiting for, the final house for dessert and drinks? People stay the same but the scenery changes. Create that progressive dinner experience for your shoppers across their devices so that no matter where they initiate the shopping, they can easily pick up where they left off. There are amazing ways to do this—-more on that later—-but one of the simplest is to offer a Facebook login, something easy they remember. Another idea is to allow the shopper to email their shopping cart. That way she can pick up right where she left off at another time (great for those who have a login and cannot remember it on their mobile).

BONUS TIP: Build a stellar app.

Seriously. If you’re ready to really compete in the retail space, then a mobile app is a must. Mobile browsing is growing as retailers continue to create a smooth mobile experience for shoppers; but those retailers with a mobile app saw their shoppers viewing 286% more products with a whopping 120% higher conversion rate than those on a mobile browser. Mobile apps are where it’s at people!

Need more help on optimizing your mobile shopping experience for your customers, or simply optimizing the online experience overall? Give us a shout!