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How We Approach The Conversion Optimization Process?

Conversion Rate Optimization doesn't happen overnight. It's a process. It's a culture. It requires an integrated effort from a variety of stakeholders within an organization. We staff 'on-demand' teams of conversion optimization experts to work along side your in-house teams.

We've built a proven process around the best-in-class conversion optimization & analtyics tools. At the center of the process is Optimizely, the leading A/B testing platform. Each client on one of our conversion optimization packages gets set up on Optimizely. We work directly with business and technical stakeholders on the client side to configure the tool, set up conversion tracking goals, and manage any third party app integrations.

1. Strategy & Planning

First we map out a comprehensive strategy. We start by establishing benchmark conversion rates for each stage in the funnel, segmented by channel. Once we identify problem areas or opportunities, we conduct a brainstorming or ideation session. During this time we get all of the ideas for potential tests into a Kanban board and we project manage the process from there.

2. Analytics Stack Setup

Next we work with each client to build a custom analytics stack to support conversion optimization efforts. This includes things like analytics, event tracking, data storage, and real time custom reporting dashboards. We also manage any integrations that need to happen with these tools and Optimizely.

3. A/B Testing

Test, Test, Test. Once we have a clear plan with stakeholders on board, we begin executing on the tests that we've outlined in the ideation phase. One by one we test each step of the funnel to extract value out of your conversion path. Tests get prioritized by complexity of implementation & overall impact to the business.

4. Design/Development & Implementation

When we declare winners, then we implement the changes. This is where The Measure Media Model differs from other conversion optimization companies, or agencies that do conversion optimization. Most won't touch the implementation phase. Whenever possible we prefer for our development team to work directly with client side resources to get changes live. In some cases we'll work right within a client's version control environment and check in code changes.

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