E-Commerce Marketing Solutions

Shopping Cart Checkout Optimization

Geting people to your site is hard. Getting them to checkout is really hard. Shopping cart abandonment rates are difficult to track. There are a lot of things that can get in the way. Most e-commerce conversion funnels have too many steps and make the user think too much. Through our proven process we lay the groundwork by establishing your benchmark metrics and then develop a testing strategy to address the large drop-off points in your checkout path.

Mobile Shopping Cart Optimization

Half of your traffic is probably mobile. Similar to desktop shopping cart abandonment rates, there are multiple variables that can impact conversions. We'd venture to guess your mobile traffic doesn't convert like it should. Whether it starts at the mobile product page or throughout the checkout process, we've learned some valuable strategies along the way that will help turn your mobile visits into mobile conversions.

E-Commerce Lead Generation & Capture

Email lists are a big part of e-commerce and retail marketing strategies. We have worked with numerous e-commerce brands to help them optimize their email collection mechanisms both onsite and through ad channels. We work with your team to make sure we understand the value of a lead, and develop a calculated testing strategy to optimize lead collection.

Product Listing Feeds Optimization

When trying to scale an e-commerce brand, some online merchants struggle with keeping their product feeds in order and communicating properly with each ad channel. Whether it's Google or Amazon, we can help set up your feeds and ensure that you're getting your product listings distributed properly into the ad networks.