Saas Marketing Solutions

SaaS Marketing Metrics

Struggling to harness the metrics for your SaaS Startup? Our team can help you establish a reporting infrastructure equipped to take your SaaS model to scale. We focus on key metrics like Signups, Freemiums, Free Trials, Free Trial Conversions, Churn, and Lifetime Value. Our Usermath™ Analytics platform can be leveraged to help your team segment this data by channel.

Freemium & Free Trial Conversion Optimization

If you're running a SaaS product you should be focused on optimizing conversion rates. Optimizing conversion rates allows you to put the pedal down and acquire more customers. Our SaaS team has a proven roadmap for how to apply conversion optimization strategies to SaaS models using Optimizely as the backbone of the testing infrastructure.

SaaS Acquisition Cost & LTV Reporting

The two most important numbers in business. Customer Acquisition Cost & Lifetime Value. The difference between those numbers is huge. Or at least we hope it is. However, figuring these numbers out and getting them into a format where the data is actionable is a trick. Our SaaS analytics team can help you identify a reporting stack that will give you these numbers by channel, allowing you to be smarter with your customer acquisition strategies.