UserMath ™ - A Custom Analytics Solution

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How We Do Analytics:

Our client's data and reporting issues are unique situations, requiring unique custom analytics and dashboard solutions.

The common theme we run into is that most of our clients are in a situation where they have two things.

  • 1. Data scattered in multiple systems. From Ad Channel Data to Customer Databases,to 3rd party analytics tools.
  • 2. An idea what data they want to look at, like ROI or Lifetime Value, but no clear idea how to connect the dots.

Enter, UserMath. Usermath is our proprietary reporting platform that allows our engagement teams to aggregate data from multiple API sources, compile that data into a secure data warehouse, and present that data back into a dashboard & reporting interface. From there we are able to consult with each client to build custom reports to fit their business reporting needs.

If your company is facing a data puzzle that is standing in the way of growth, reach out to us. We have a proven process and custom analytics technology that will scale to any client's needs.

Need Help Solving an Analytics Puzzle?