We Believe

We believe that your brand is your belief system.
It's the fundamentals of what you stand for.
The evolving list of concepts below make up our belief system.

We believe in having strong opinions that are loosely held.

We believe that one should be passionate about their position, and believe deeply in it. We also believe that one should welcome new information and insights that challenge their line of thinking. When collaborating with our clients in today's digital media landscape we are challenged to think differently every day. This guiding principle allows us to push the envelope and see things from new angles.

We believe in experimentation.

That doesn't mean only A/B testing. We believe that every brand/product should be engaging in a structured series of experiment sprints to prove or disprove hypotheses about the business. We're not talking button colors and where does the arrow point. We're talking large scale changes to a sales and marketing funnel. Big ideas related to audience development. Out of the box experiments with new Ad Channels, Creatives, and User Experiences.

We believe in measurement.

Whatever you're building, measurement should be built into the product from the start. However, don't overcomplicate things. Most customer journeys can be simplified to 3-5 steps. Pick the ones that are crucial to your customer experience and optimize for those. This is an amazing talk about measuring product metrics. Fast-forward to the 29:30 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C27RVio2rOs&feature=youtu.be

We believe in speed.

The faster we can get to a working prototype of the Advertising & User Experience we're testing the better. Real data. Even anecdotal learnings beat theoretical pissing matches.

We believe that form follows function.

We love design. But the experience we're designing must solve a problem and work for the user. Make it work. Then make it beautiful.

We believe in time-boxing.

We believe that project planning should be done using time & budget constraints not feature appetite. In other words, ask yourself how much money/time are willing to spend on this experiment first. Then plan the features using those constraints. See https://basecamp.com/shapeup. We learned if from them.

We believe in active campaign management.

We believe media budgets should be actively managed and adjusted in real-time. The days of deploying hundreds, thousands or even millions on advertising and then waiting months, quarters or years to analyze and optimize are over. If your digital agency is not actively managing your campaign budgets daily and making adjustments based on performance, we believe you should look in a different direction.

We believe in remote first.

We believe in remote first. You limit your talent pool by hiring local only. We believe that offices are great. We have one. But it's not our culture. Our team members are our culture. And that culture exists wherever they are. We communicate using all of the tools. Asana, Slack, Zoom, etc. We wrote about it here and here.

We believe in collaborative partnerships.

Not transactional exchanges of time for money. We believe that results take time. We can measure, test, optimize and grow. But this isn't a slot machine. Successful digital campaigns take time. They require collaboration. And you need a partner that will work through all of the 'figuring it out' with you.